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Photo by T. Charles Erickson

Steph is currently based in Lancaster, PA, where they live with their dog, Puck, and work as a Program Manager with ATOMIC Homes. Steph's interests and hobbies include dog sports (agility and scent work), houseplant care, PC gaming with friends, reading, bar trivia, and fire pit nights.

Steph was previously based in Southern Oregon and working as an Associate Technical Director at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Steph also provided freelance technical writing and editing services as Steady Hand Editorial Services LLC.


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My goal is to get the work done faster, better, on-time and on-budget. I approach that goal with a strong commitment to safety, a sense of humor and a straightforward manner armed with years of experience and technical training (and a couple of reference books!). Three central tenets drive my work:  partnership, efficiency, and delivery.

Professional Philosophy


Building relationships with creative teams and other production personnel is key to solving cross-departmental challenges.



The ability to manage resources effectively and maximize efficiency not only allows for an on-budget product, it also gets the best product for the materials available without over-extending the people involved.



I view delivery as a matter of doing what you said you would - keeping to your word, and making every effort to the best of your abilities.

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